Artist Trading Card Artists and Their Work

001Deva (David Kerkkonen)
Resides: Calgary, Alberta

An outsider, I am more comfortable with dirty sidewalks and alleys than I am with art galleries and exhibitions. What I know about art I have mostly learned from books and magasines, or been led to by my heart, and my eyes.

A neo-primitive, I am more familiar with things civilization throws away than I am with civilization itself. I am far more familiar with garbage, graffiti, weathered posters, and broken toys than I am with skyscrapers, or what goes on within them. I am a huge fan of shadows, stains, boot prints, spilled paint… the ethemeral traces of a strange new world.

A dreamer, I walk with my eyes to the ground, an archaeologist exploring an alien landscape. From fragments and debris, I try to make sense of a world which only exists within my mind.
001Lena Tan
Resides: Vancouver, B.C.

I like to collage with the ephemera that one way or another insert themselves into our lives, the "stuff" that usually goes into garbage and recycling bins: old magazines, junk mail, and other found material. I make ATCs to re-purpose and recycle a miniscule part of the mountains of waste that our culture creates.

As a former graphic artist, my instruments are steel rule, triangles, knife, scissors and glue. I have incorporated line tape, transfer lettering, acetate and rubylith (leftovers from a past life - younger people will not know what these are) into my ATCs.

For me, ATCs are a means for spontaneous expression of my world view, which includes the social, political and environmental, and also for enjoying the work of other creatives.

External Link: Electronic Serendipity
003Eija Koskinen
Resides: Calgary, Alberta

If I could I would breathe art, 24-7. My first love is water color painting. A lot of people tell me I am the most creative person they've met. That's a huge compliment, sometimes I feel it's too big live up to. I have been with the Artist Trading Card Committee since 2011. I experiment a lot, using different mediums, doodles with structure; I love bright color. I try all kinds of mediums from water color, ink, acrylics, photography and mixed media. I have even made cards from from play clay.

I usually have fun, in my work, home and play. Most times it shows through my art, with the bright colors. I enjoy drawing or painting nature. The majestic trees inspire me, but you never know where inspiration comes from. Lately I was fascinated by spring mud. I am always open to new experiences and mediums to explore and broaden my imagination to existence in an art piece, be it an ATC card, painting, or what ever inspires me.